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Spring 2017
hope> Conversation with a Healthcare Professional
> Coffee Talk with Survivors
> Water Break with Caregivers
> Survivor Spotlight
> Savoring Time with God
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Conversation with a Healthcare Professional

3 Things that Guarantee Success
By Dr. Deana Adams

hope 1 Life has a tendency to load us down with responsibilities; distract us from what is important; create urgency instead of significance. As a survivor, caregiver, or heathcare professional…how do you sort through these distractions? May I share with you 3 Things that will help?

  1. The Main Thing
    1. As you go about your day, remember who you are there for. Remember who you are truly serving. Remember them.
    2. If you keep the main thing, the main thing, you won’t get bogged down in the ‘rejection’, the ‘closed doors’, the poor attitudes, the ‘not nows’ of life.
    3. The Main Thing will keep you persevering through adversity.
    4. It will give you hope.
    5. So, as you drive from place to place, facility to facility, please remember the person that needs you…keep the main thing, the main thing.
  2. The Next Thing
    1. I remember that one of the most helpful coping strategies God gave me while I was going through an enormously difficult time is this…just do the next thing.
    2. If you do the next thing, you don’t have to do everything.
    3. Doing the next thing, helps keep you focused.
    4. Doing the next thing, keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.
    5. Doing the next thing, helps calm your anxiety from the whole thing.
  3. The Right Thing
    1. Doing the right thing helps keep you on the right path.
    2. The right thing acts as a plumb line...a moral compass if you will.
    3. Doing the right thing directs your decisions, your relationships, your communication.
    4. Doing the right thing helps you sleep at night.
    5. Doing the right thing clears your conscious, clarifies your vision, and confirms your passion.

So, here’s the awesome part! If you do the Right Thing, it will direct you back to the Main Thing which will automatically lead you to the Next Thing! Keeping your focus on these 3 Things will help you not get caught up in the anxiety of the season, the pressure of the job, or the attitudes of colleagues, family members or friends. If you practice these 3 Things, you will rise above your circumstances and experience an enriched life on the field and at home. Be encouraged!

Coffee Talk with Survivors

hope 2

By Michelle Cable

“Can you tell me your name?”


“Do you know when your birthday is?”


I didn’t know my birthday. I didn’t where I was or why I was there. I didn’t even know who I was. These thoughts flamed tears of sincere frustration that rushed down my face.

It was beyond remembering. I did not know who I was. With every question nurses were prompting me in the ICU to gauge the severity of the brain damage, it slowly started to click that something was wrong. I did more than just fall from a 10 foot ladder. The MRI scan of my fractured right temporal bone and bruised left frontal and temporal lobes was the start to my long road of traumatic brain injury recovery.

As painful as the first couple of months were, and feeling like my 27 year old brain was frozen trying to reboot, God was at work. He has used my pain and my confusion and my hurt and my frustration to draw me into His arms. I was confused and bitter that I wasn’t the same as I was before, and scared of what my new normal was going to look like. I was like a child who was physically and emotionally drained from kicking and screaming, that I just needed to fall into the arms of a loving Father to embrace me and walk me through every minute of the day. Neither my husband nor friends nor doctors could fix me, as much as I desperately wanted to be fixed.

As odd as it might sound looking back over the past 7 months, I am thankful for my brain injury. Not just for the recovery, or the community God purposefully placed to walk alongside me, or all the steady improvements along the way, but for the actual accident and all the ugly, raw pain that came with it. Even though gratitude was not my initial response, my heart has grown to thank a God as loving to choose me in this manner to bring me back to Him. The road to recovery has not only pertained to my brain. This verse explains it best. “Not only this, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.” Romans 5:3-4. God is working through suffering to draw you closer to make you more like Him for His kingdom purposes. You first need to ask God to help you. And you need to let Him help you.

Michelle Cable
Community Relations Specialist
Daniel Stark, P.C.
979.846.8686 (p)

Water Break with Caregivers

hope 2


During one of our support groups, we asked the question, “What helps you cope with brain injury?” One of the answers challenged us all….to be grateful. So, we broke down the word into an acrostic. See what you think? What would you say?

G: Giving, God-because He is the One who gives grace
R: Relieved that life is going the way you planned; respect; receive; recognizing blessings; restoration
A: Achieve; accepting; accomplishment; acknowledgement; actively loving; action
T: Thankful; trust; togetherness
E: Everlasting gratitude; eager; enthusiastic
F: Fulfillment; faithfulness of God; fearless living; fantastic; facing; fun
U: Unending; youthful; usefulness; unused potential to strive for; ultimate; problems under your feet
L: Love; life; lifting; living fully; learning

Survivor Spotlight

Hope for the Journey by Patti Foster, TBI Survivor
This spring, Patti Foster released her newest book…a devotional entitled Hope for the Journey: A 52-Week Spiritual Journal.

Written for anyone going through any type of adversity…Is there hope for the journey when fear asks:

What do I do?
Who do I talk to?

Each week take another step toward life…and experience a personal taste of hope for your journey! When the unexpected happens, lives are changed in an instant!

As traumatic brain injury or any kind of trouble erupts in your life, Hope appears on the scene in all shapes and sizes at just the right time. It has no limits…knows no boundaries.

To purchase Patti’s book, visit her website at https://www.pattifoster.com/hope-for-the-journey/ or email Patti at info@pattifoster.com.

Savoring Time with God

By Patti Foster
Today, put the weight of your faith onto your ever-present Help, not your feelings. Whenever difficult situations poke up their evil heads and try to steal the “center stage” of your attention while you go about your daily activities, choose to trust in your constant Companion to guide you through the mirage.

See each trouble, no matter the size, as an opportunity to know Him better. Lean into Him as your teacher and search through the forest of adversity for the life lessons He’s bringing before you.

His Presence is striding ahead of you, and yet He is close beside you, all at the same time. He won’t walk away from or turn His nose up at your faith when you’re having a hard time believing. It’s then that He inclines to you and gets closer to show you He cares. When you wrestle with unbelief, tell your Shephard; don’t hold back. He will give you the strength and courage you need to do the next thing.

Rest assured, even before pain and depression arrive on the scene of your journey, your faithful Physician is already right there with you, holding you tenderly in His righteous right hand. He won’t leave you. (See Isaiah 41:10)

(Reprinted with permission from Hope for the Journey: A 52-Week Spiritual Journal by Patti Foster. Redemption Press, 2016)

Community Corner

Mary Lee Foundation

The Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center is designed to provide a normalized community-based program to help adult survivors of brain injury and other neurological disorders to achieve the highest level of functioning toward independent living skills and vocational pursuits. The Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center Campus is located minutes from Town Lake, in beautiful Central Austin, Texas.

For more information: www.maryleefoundation.org or contact Chip Howe at 512-443-5777