Suffering Produces Endurance…

By Michelle Cable "Can you tell me your name?" Silence. "Do you know when your birthday is?" Nothing. I didn’t know my birthday. I didn’t where I was or why I was there. I didn’t even know who I was. These thoughts flamed tears of sincere frustration that rushed down my face. It was beyond [...]

Fraction of Accomplishment

By Robert Lyons, Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor – 1990 It has been almost 27 years since my traumatic brain injury. On October 14, 1990, I fell down two flights of stairs and hit my head on a steel door at the bottom of the stairway. I was in a deep, non-responsive coma for seven weeks. [...]

Hope After Injury

by Lauren Medel When I was young my parents would constantly praise my for my intelligence.  Not one day went by when I wasn't reminded that smarts are more important than looks because "looks don't last" and smarts do.  Not one moment in my life did I not feel smart first and something else second.  [...]

Thursday, September 22 NTX Giving Day

Please take a moment and check out Hope After Brain Injury info!  Consider giving to our non-profit to provide assistance (counseling, education, consultation, conferences) for brain injury survivors and their families! So, highlight your calendar for Thursday, September 22 and swing by! Your donation will be matched by an anonymous donor up to [...]


HOPE is something that we all must aspire to achieve in our lives that will bounce off of our shoulders of someone like sunshine & become affixed to our minds.  We can gather hope, like I have for most of my life, from the negative situations that prevail in society at large.  There is discrimination, [...]


by Rebecca Trammell, TBI Survivor Being an organized individual was always a strong suit for me and among other positive qualities, they are not absent, just simply harder to access. Our brains are organized, complex, and structured. As babies, we quickly learned that crying brought a human face to notice us, or worse, we could [...]

Outside, Inside

Wonder if you ever feel this way?  Jan, a TBI survivor, wrote this 'spot-on' poem.  See what you think.... On the outside You see me as normal On the inside I see how non-normal I am. On the outside I appear involved in the discussion On the inside I see how furiously my brain is [...]

HOPE Springs Eternal

By Robert Lyons, Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, 1990 I lived the vast majority of my life in the Milwaukee area, so I was familiar with places that have a fairly severe winter. Besides being cold and snowy, the days were shorter, so we did not see too much sunshine. I longed for the promise of springtime. In [...]


Hi Friends, How do you thrive in the midst of brain injury?  In the midst of trauma or simple difficulties?  Take a gander at Patti Foster's acrostic...what would you say?  How would you encourage others through what you have been through? What word or phrase would you add to T? H? R? I? V? E? [...]

Lean-In To Hope…

by Patti Foster, TBI Survivor, Author/Inspirational Communicator During the beginning of March, I was privileged to travel to Holland and spend some quality time with people from around the world who do much in the field of brain-injury research and intervention. Dr Andrew I.R. Maas – Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital [...]