A Single Gunshot…Living with TBI Aftermath

I was just 13 when my whole life changed forever. On December 18th, 2005 I was shot in the head at point-blank range. Not knowing if I was going to live or die. The doctors were really reluctant to pull the bullet out of my brain because of the swelling but they took a chance. [...]

Finding My Gifts after Brain Injury

Seven years have passed since the car wreck, where I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury. Through my journey, there were many times I felt I lost my way. My mild concussion didn’t feel mild to me, and I prayed many times, asking God what did He want me to do for Him? How [...]

Surviving Holiday Stress After Brain Injury

Self-care and keeping it simple may be the two most important factors for surviving holiday stress after a traumatic brain injury. The holiday season is a glorious time of year to celebrate, dressing in our seasons best to attend events, parties and visit with family and friends. It's also a creator's paradise for those [...]

Autoimmune Reactions After Brain Injury

Autoimmune reactions after a traumatic brain injury could begin within hours if the blood-brain barrier and gut-brain axis become compromised. The future of medicine for traumatic brain injury patients is changing. Current research and studies conducted during the past five to ten years surrounding the autoimmune antibody connection to traumatic brain injury indicate the [...]

Patti Foster Defines Hope After Brain Injury

Along the pathway through life, our plans could become abruptly altered in a way that mere words cannot describe. Patti Foster’s miraculous story of survival truly defines hope after brain injury.  Through her remarkable recovery from multiple bodily injuries and a severe traumatic brain injury, her story of faith, courage, perseverance, and transformation will [...]

Emotional Problems After Brain Injury

Could addressing both our physical and mental health result in healing the root cause of emotional problems after a mild traumatic brain injury? Years of medical research continues to define the role our endocrine system has in our physical and emotional health.  Our hormones are the basis of our feelings and emotions.  Emotional problems [...]

Brain Injury Advocates Making A Difference

Brain injury advocates are making a difference and giving a voice to many survivors who remain hopeful for further recuperation and healing.  Every year millions of people throughout the world become affected by some form of traumatic brain injury.  Finding the right health resources to rehabilitate and heal can leave some patients, their families, [...]

Honoring Our Military Veterans

Today is a day of deep reflection and honoring for our Military Veterans who have served our country, both past and present. They have sacrificed so much. For many of us, we may not fully understand the true meaning of Veterans Day. It might be a day off from work, a three-day weekend filled [...]

Vagus Nerve and Brain Injury

Damage or pressure to the vagus nerve after a brain injury can contribute to inflammation and symptoms similar to other post brain injury conditions.  Neuroinflammatory responses from PTSD, chronic pain, syncope, chronic fatigue syndrome, and IBS are a few conditions signaling a vagus nerve problem linked with a concussion may exist. Dueling conditions can [...]

Neuroendocrine Dysfunction After Traumatic Brain Injury

Symptoms of neuroendocrine dysfunction after a traumatic brain injury may blend in with post-concussion syndrome.  Patients should learn to recognize the warning signs of NED and seek help from a specialized physician during the crucial period of up to 36 months post-injury.  Neuroendocrine problems after a mild traumatic brain injury can be undiagnosed or [...]

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