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Traumatic Brain Injury, Trauma and Brain Health

What we now understand about traumatic brain injury, trauma, and overall brain health is remarkable. However, in countless cases, patients in the various stages of declining health from a traumatic brain injury go unrecognized throughout many areas of our conventional medical system.  There are significant gaps in brain injury care, from a lack of [...]

Reflections of Joy 2020

It is Christmas, and I will acknowledge the elephant in the room by saying we all know it has not been an easy year. Everywhere we look, something can overwhelm our senses, turning our focus inward, and unfortunately, away from all that matters most. As the year-end closes, I watch it fade in the distance, [...]

Failing Forward Towards Success After Brain Injury

There is a well-known cliche in life, whether it applies to business or daily living; what does it mean by failing forward towards success? Life after a brain injury can feel like constant personal growth magnified. Learning to adjust our individual goals to fit any new situation can be an uphill climb. How can [...]

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Misunderstood

It is 2020, and the question remains, why are so many mild traumatic brain injuries still misunderstood? Despite extraordinary medical advancements, countless patients can travel from doctor to doctor, struggling to sort through the health crisis suddenly upon them. It takes years for changes in the medical system to become mainstream. Conventional imaging such [...]

Brain Injury in the News

In recent years, brain injury news, awareness and health information on successful breakthrough treatments had finally begun making frequent headlines in medical and science journals, universities, and health conferences around the world. Sadly, and understandably, over the past several months, COVID19 and its impact on global health have taken center stage.  Many health professionals [...]

Living with Brain Injury: Coronavirus

Disrupted daily routines can place undue stress on those living with a brain injury during the Coronavirus pandemic. Information surrounding COVID-19 and its potential impact on each of our lives can be overwhelming. Brain injury survivor, Jeff Sebell writes "We need to process and deal with the information we get, but processing information, dealing [...]

Improving Emotional Problems After Brain Injury

Healing the gut-brain axis could be a crucial factor in improving emotional problems after brain injury. Over the past several years, a multitude of studies has shown the breakdown of the gut-brain axis and our enteric nervous system, after a traumatic brain injury. Damage to the bidirectional highway linking our brain to our gut [...]

Self-Care After Brain Injury

Implementing a self-care routine after a brain injury could improve long term recovery outcomes. Although many patients recover from concussions, ignoring symptoms by returning to our regular activities may cause more harm in the long run. Even a mild concussion can become serious weeks or months down the road. If we injure our leg [...]

Brain Injury Awareness Month 2020

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month.  For the past thirty years, worldwide health conferences, non-profits, government entities, health organizations, and many other associations highlight the need for improving brain injury awareness.  The goal of increasing public education, ending stigma, advancing brain health, and promoting valuable brain injury resources for patients, families, and caregivers [...]